¿Como funciona Google?

Google bots analyse millions of websites

Every time a user performs a search, Google returns hundreds of results with useful information. The process that this search engine follows begins long before each user starts typing his or her query, when Google, through its “bots” or “crawlers“, goes through all the pages that exist on the Internet through their hyperlinks.

The Google ranking

Every day Google organises the different information on each web page in its search index. This index is like a library, but it contains more information than all the libraries in the world put together. This is due to an exhaustive crawling and indeindexing process carried out by the search engine.

Google Library organized by topics
Google organises each website according to topics or themes


How the Google Algorithm works

In fractions of a second, Google’s algorithm checks the millions of web pages it has ranked in its index and selects the most relevant and useful results for each user query. In this way, it is possible that the list of results provided one day may be partially different, or in an alternate order, to the one provided the next day, as Google’s search algorithm automatically updates itself and improves its index every second.

Google’s engineering team conducts tests and experiments on a daily basis, with the intention of improving the algorithm to provide more relevant results, and improve the user experience.

Google and its different result formats

The results shown by Google vary according to each query. But not only the pages displayed, but the search engine will also offer images, maps, videos, news, instructions, etc…

For example, if we search for a cooking recipe, Google will show us the instructions in simple steps, as well as videos and images above the results of the web pages it considers most relevant.

Google: Diferentes tipos de resultados incluyendo videos, imagenes e instrucciones
Screenshot from google, providing search results with instructions, images and videos


If, on the other hand, we search for a city or town, the algorithm will select both relevant websites, such as the tourism website or the town hall, along with images of the municipality and a map with its exact location. As well as basic information about the locality such as its population, altitude, size or even its current weather.

Resultados de Google - Knowledge panel de ciudades
The Google search engine shows us the most relevant data of any locality.

These are just some of the multiple formats of information that Google offers its users in what the search engine itself calls “knowledge panel“.

How do Google ads work?

Google, like any company, needs to capitalise on its work. It sells advertising to the highest bidder. If a company is willing to offer, for example, €1 for every customer who clicks on its ad. Google will display the advertisement at the top of its results, clearly marking the word “advertisement” (they usually use the word “Ad”). If a second company is willing to offer €1.5, it will see its ad placed above the first company, however, the search engine will only offer a certain number of ads before its results, so if other companies offer less money, only the ads of the company that has offered the most will be shown.

It is important to note that Google does not charge advertisers for displaying the ad, but only when a customer clicks on a certain result.

On the other hand, it is not possible to pay for the ranking positions below the advertisements, and they will be shown exclusively according to the ranking algorithm.

Como funciona la busqueda organica contra los anuncios en Google
Paid advertisements offered by google are usually accompanied by the text “Ad”.

Learn more about how Google works

At Doctor SEO you can learn the secrets of Google, through our free SEO course, we teach you from the basics of what is SEO, the evolution of its search engine and algorithms, as well as tips and tricks for Google to better understand your website, and place you higher in its ranking.

However, here is a link to a presentation on how Google works, which Google itself has prepared for its users.

We hope that the information shown has been useful to you.