Doctor SEO training Course for Search Engine Optimization

Discover our free SEO course: Optimising a website for maximum potential in Google and other search engines can seem very complex. That’s why we have designed a free, online SEO course in small lessons that you can learn at your own pace through different lessons of no more than 10 minutes of reading time.

Where to start my SEO course?

The free online SEO course consists of three blocks:

  • SEO basics
  • ON-PAGE Optimization
  • OFF-PAGE Optimization

So let’s move on to the first lesson: What exactly means SEO?

Want to go beyond the online SEO course?

If the course has inspired you, come and meet us at our facilities… We offer intensive face-to-face courses. If you are passionate about the SEO universe and want to go further than just optimising your own website. Try our classroom course and become a professional SEO in no time.

Advantages of becoming a professional with the SEO Course

Every day more and more companies realize that if your business is below the first 10 results in Google, it’s as if you don’t exist. That is why the profession of SEO optimizer is booming, a job that can be done remotely, in which you can spend a couple of hours a week or 80 depending on each client and their needs.

It is also a new profession, and one that is not even taught at computer universities, making any motivated individual a strong candidate, despite having no previous experience or knowledge.

The growing demand for SEO Executives and SEO Managers, coupled with the limited supply of specialists on the market, also means that this profession has very interesting salaries, well above other salaries in the IT industry.

The teachers of our SEO Course

Our SEO Online Course is designed by different technical experts, from SEO professionals with 17 years of experience in the sector, to young people with only a couple of years in the sector, but who are nevertheless aware of the latest trends and all the latest news regarding Search Engine Optimisation.

Web Client portfolio for SEO course students

We also have a portfolio of clients who are looking for new talent to join their companies, both on-site and remotely. At the end of each on-site SEO course, the best students will have the opportunity to access internships in companies, and even permanent SEO executive positions in international companies.