We often hear that someone wants to improve their search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, SEO is a set of techniques to make a website easier to understand or interpret by Internet search engines and, therefore, place it higher in their results. This, undoubtedly, will help the website to have more visibility by consumers, more traffic and, therefore, increase your customers.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

¿How does SEO work?

Web search engines use «bots» (micro-robots) to traverse the infinite number of web pages, gathering information about each one, and adding them to the index of each search engine. Imagine this index as a gigantic bookstore, where the librarian can, at any time, choose a book (or a web page) that will help the user find exactly what he or she is looking for at any given moment.

After analyzing the content of each web page, the different algorithms of each search engine analyze the data collected by the «bot» and implement hundreds of values and signals to determine the order in which each page should appear for each word or expression used in a given search. Going back to the bookstore analogy; the bookseller has studied exactly each book and knows which ones to offer you depending on what you are looking for.

What are the criteria of each search algorithm?

There are hundreds of different criteria that we analyze one by one on our website. Among the most important are:

  • The quality of the text on the page.
  • The structure and design of the page.
  • The subject matter of the website.
  • The confidence of the users in the website or page.
  • The veracity of the domain (Trust).
  • The loading speed of the site.
  • The presentation of the web for different devices (Computer, Mobile, Tablet).

But as we mentioned before, there are hundreds of different variables that we will be studying little by little.

Why is SEO important for digital marketing?

SEO techniques represent a fundamental part of digital marketing. Today, consumers perform trillions of searches each year, often with commercial intentions to gather information on products and services. Having a higher visibility and a higher position in the results than the competition will have a strong impact on user trust and customer volume.

SEMRUSH What is SEO vs PPC vs SoMe
Graph from SEMRUSH showing the difference within time and traffic for different campaigns

Even so, web search engines have been evolving over the last few years to try to solve users’ doubts directly on the results page, without the need for them to access the displayed websites.

This is why it is important to highlight features such as «rich results», as well as «frequently asked questions», which if optimally designed, can place a website’s information directly above any result.

In short, SEO is the foundation of any digital marketing system. When it comes to coThis is why it is important to highlight features such as «rich results» as well as «frequently asked questions», which if optimally designed, can place a website’s information directly on top of any result.

Web positioning in Google and other search engines

When a website wants to improve its position in Google results, by implementing SEO techniques, it will achieve a significant improvement. However, SEO is not limited to Google alone.

There are different search engines in which to apply SEO techniques such as:

  • Google: Obviously, at the top of the list is the search engine of success. In some countries Google reaches 95% of total searches.
  • Bing: This search engine, recently created by Microsoft, appears as standard on many computers and is gaining more and more popularity and market share.
  • Baidu: The search engine in vogue in China, accounting for 98% of searches in that region.
  • Yandex: Any company that wants to operate in Russia should focus its efforts on improving its presence in this search engine.
  • Yahoo: Although less used today, this Yahoo search engine is still used by thousands of users around the world.

The 5 mentioned above are currently the most popular ones. However, there are currently more than twenty search engines that are quite popular, such as DuckDuckGo, WolframAlpha, Startpage, etc.

How to improve the a website SEO?

A website must be easy to read for both users and search engines. Therefore, in Doctor-seo.net we have prepared a short course for you to learn how to improve your SEO easily. If you still have any doubts you can always contact us directly at [email protected] and we will solve your question.